Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire

Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire

Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire Here at Jam Photographic LTD, we have over 30 years professional experience, ranging from traditional photography techniques, to cutting-edge digital. Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire.

Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire focuses on creating high-quality images for business promotion. The internet is teeming with beautiful photos of nice shoes, clothes, or other items from several brands. These well-taken images are created to appeal to potential clients and ultimately boost the business. Photos created here are done with a specific intention in mind: products and service promotion so it can also be called advertising photography.

If you are looking to begin a successful career, here are some things you should consider.


This branch of photography has several niches under it depending on what is focused on.

  • Fashion photography

Fashion photography is probably the most common type that comes to mind when Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire is raised. This involves taking pictures of clothing items such as shoes, clothes, and accessories for fashion magazines and clothing brands.

Think of pictures taken on the runway, in showrooms and locations, that is fashion photography. Images could involve spreading the clothing item in a studio and shooting at different angles or could involve getting models. It is important to get the models to get the right pose to make the item more appealing.

  • Food photography

Food photography involves arranging food in a visually appealing manner. This perhaps brings to mind the numerous food shots seen on social media. But this could be a great niche to work with professionally.

The photographer could work to take photos of the preparation, menus, restaurant shots, packaging, or plating. As with all types of photography, great lighting is necessary for the photos to look tantalizing yet natural.

  • Architectural photography

Not as common as the other types mentioned, architectural photography requires that the photographer beautifully showcases architectural pieces. This oftentimes is for commercial reasons to showcase a store or draw attention to a design.

This covers photos of apartments, bridges, or offices. You could take photos of the empty building, the interior, or take photos with people around to give a feel of what it looks like with life in it.

  • Product photography

A good photo of products is important for product-based businesses. This is commonly used by companies to get astonishing images that work well in ads. The picture highlights the specific feature the product would offer as well as its benefits.

These pictures are usually taken in studios with an emphasis on the right amount of light. The Product photographer would take several photos at different angles in the best way to help market the product.

  • Portrait photography or headshots

Unlike the other types of Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire , portrait photography focuses on people. Photos in these categories cover people as they work; a person making meals, a person working at a desk, or an engineer at work. Here, the aim is to show the human angle of the business.

It is fun and getting the right connection with your client as you work is crucial to create really beautiful pieces.

How to become one

Becoming a professional is not difficult especially if you already have some basic photography knowledge. But to land a high-paying client, you have to take your job with professionalism. Here are some ways to stand out;

  • Get knowledge through seminars, courses, books, and even from your experiences.
  • Use up to date gears and trends
  • Be creative and maintain your tone
  • Listen to the client’s need 
  • Create a portfolio to showcase your best works

In Conclusion

Commercial Photography Brighouse West Yorkshire is also known as advertising photography is a type of photography that centers on helping business owners market their products and services. There are several niches you could choose from if you are considering becoming one.

As a commercial photographer, companies and businesses trust you to sell them through amazing photos. This you can do by maintaining a professional approach to your work, staying right on trend, and using the best gears.