Food Photography Leeds West Yorkshire

Food Photography Leeds West Yorkshire

Food Photography Leeds West YorkshireHere at Jam Photographic LTD, we have over 30 years professional experience, ranging from traditional photography techniques, to cutting-edge digital. Food Photography Leeds West Yorkshire.

This is a still life genre of photography that is used to make still life photographs of food attractive and visually pleasing. It is one of the specialized aspects of commercial photography, the products of which are utilized in advertisements, journals, reviews, cookbooks, or packaging. Professional Food Photography Leeds West Yorkshire is a collective action, usually entailing a director of art, a photographer, a prop stylist, a food stylist, and few other assisting roles.

What Is The Job Of A Food Photographer?

The work of a professional is mainly to create enticing images of dishes and meals for use in print and online media materials. As a professional, your major duty includes taking photos of meals during a photoshoot and editing those pictures you already took to fit the media for the brand’s image. These photos can be used as adverts, pictures on cooking blogs, or food packaging.

A photographer often works together with a food stylist and props personnel during a photoshoot. This is to make sure the food is visually appealing and delicious. In Food Photography Leeds West Yorkshire, you would also need to communicate with your clients from time to time to ensure you meet their expectations.

How Much Do They Charge In The UK?

The charges in the UK vary. Some photographers offer lots of photos and promise to deliver within short time frames with very low pricing, while other photographers’ packages seem high. 

However, it is always best to hire a photographer based on the quality of their work if you want to get the best food photos.

Some professionals charge between £300 and £450 for a full day’s job, while some can charge as high as £750. Depends on the level of expertise and quality of their work.

How Many Hours Do They Work In The UK?

The time frame for the work of a professional is not rigid. They can choose to adjust his schedule to that of his clients to suit their needs and give them the ultimate satisfaction especially if he is self-employed. This can sometimes be based on weather conditions, mode of work setting, and even the environment. 

However, most Food Photography Leeds West Yorkshire in the UK usually stick to the forty hours a week, Monday to Friday work schedule. This means eight hours every day for five working days.

How Do I Become One In The UK?

  • Purchase a camera that has manual controls. Why is this Important?

If you’re a newbie, you might have a camera that uses only fixed lenses. Although you can capture remarkable photos with fixed lenses, you won’t be able to control the aperture or perspective.  You need to have a manually controlled camera when starting for a better shoot and thrilling experience.

  • Shoot everyday captivating food photos and post them online.
  • Team up with a food stylist and props stylist.
  • Take more captivating photos and start showing your work online. You could start a website, or blog.


This is an important aspect of commercial photography. It is essential for creating enticing food images that help push brands forward. It is always important to hire a professional to get the best out of any Food Photography Leeds West Yorkshire job.